Monday, July 23, 2007

OmniBrowser based UI for Monticello2

This week, I've decided to stop working with ToolBuilder to mock up the graphical interface. As I have some knowledge about OmniBrowser, I chose OB to test ideas.

This revealed to be a really good idea. I don't loose time with low abstractions anymore. OmniBrowser provides me all the necessary abstractions and I can concentrate on the model and the features.

To present my work, I have built a screencast:

This is encoded in Ogg/Theora which is a free open-source encoding. If you are on Linux, you should be able to play this video without problem. On MacOS, Damien Pollet told me to advertise Perian. I don't know for MS Windows users, but it should be easy.

During the current week, I will continue working on the UI. As soon as I have something ready to use by everyone, I will post an announce on the squeak-dev mailing list.

I have some problems with the MC2 model. I've sent mails to the mailing list but, currently, they prevent me from going much further without answers from Colin and/or Avi.


David said...

Since Wikipedia uses Ogg, they have a nice howto:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the screencast. Plays fine in VLC (winxp).