Monday, July 2, 2007

Correcting bugs, playing with the MC2 UI


another Google SoC week has just finished. During this last week I corrected some bugs with the PackageInfo slice not verifying its content.

Monticello2 has a good test base. The tests are well designed and I will continue enhancing them.

I tried to implement a directory-based repository. I wanted it to be like in MC1. It basically worked, however one file was created for each element in the commit: one file per method, per class, per inst var… I will try again later :-).

I also had some discussions with Colin. Some of my design choices or ideas were not that good. I will continue discussing with him and Avi to avoid a big conflict at the end ; I would prefer their approval on my work.

Currently, I'm working on an MC1 kind of browser. I would like something people familiar with MC1 will be able to use easily.

I would like to announce as soon as possible a working version. I will work on that. This means:

  1. A working UI, with basic features
  2. Maybe creating a directory-based repository

I don't really know how much work is needed to get a basic working UI.

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