Sunday, July 22, 2007

New guests from ESUG's SummerTalk projects

SummerTalk is a project sponsored by ESUG similar to Google Summer of Code. While the latter focuses on Open Source projects and is programming-languages agnostic, the former focuses on Smalltalk projects (while keeping the requirements for the work to be under an open-source license).

We've decided to invite the SummerTalk partecipants who are working on Squeak-related projects to join this blog as guest authors. These new guests are Juraj Kubelka, who's working on improving the OmniBrowser framework, and Yuriy Mironenko, who's working on an add-on to Seaside called Sails.

Welcome, guys!

1 comment:

Assargadon said...

Thanks, gcorriga.
But why only two SummerTalk'ers were invited? I was thinking we have more than 2 projects running.