Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week 8 of GSOC - FreeCAD/Croquet

1) What did you do in the past week?
-Fixed drawing movement with mouse. Drag and move properly enabled now. Drag and rotate is also fixed.
-Experimenting with camera movements. Tilt, forward, back, rotate are some of the motions enabled on keyboard.
-Added a pop up info board that shows the position of the mouse on the drawing board to enable better and more accurate drawing. Pop up also added to drawing when dragged and moved to show the position of the drawing.

2) What do plan to do this week?
-Finalize camera movement and try to integrate some of it with the mouse.
-Implement a grid plan on the drawing board to act as a ruler and guide when drawing.

3) What can possibly stand in the way of your work?
-No feedback and no one trying out the things I have done puts me in the dark about how user friendly the controls are.

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