Monday, July 14, 2008

SqueakGtk status

Here are some news of the SqueakGtk project :

I've extended the Gtk support with new widgets :
  • GtkAboutDialog (added some fields)
  • GtkFontSelectionDialog
  • GtkAccelLabel
  • GtkLinkButton
  • GtkScaleButton
  • GtkVolumeButton
  • WebKit
  • ...
I've corrected a bug with the memory management, it seems that Gtk doesn't like
g_object_unref when there is a parent widget. The support of Gtk
is more stable but there are others problems in the events handling
this is an active waiting so it uses a lot of cpu times, an other problem
is when the user save the image a "Gtk" object in Squeak only contains
a pointer in a C structure and I need to save and restore this structure.

I'm working on the Omnibrowser support and in the improvement of the
new tools :p

Some basic tools :

Squeakzilla a new browser :p


Luca Bruno said...

Good! :) You're doing a nice work. Could update the pbwiki sometimes or the project page at least?

MrGwen said...

Yes off course I'll update the squeakGtk website this week I'm close to solve the event handling problem :p