Monday, May 26, 2008

Introduction to the Safará project: a Source code editor for Squeak

Hi, I am Luigi Panzeri, one of the five student selected to work for the Squeak project. I have Lukas Renggli as a mentor.

The goal of the Safarà project is to develop an extensible code editor that can improve the DSL experience on Squeak, and at the same time can provide the same features, that come up with modern editors like Eclipse, Emacs and TextMate.

Actually, It aims to provide the following features:

* Highly configurable and customizable using Smalltalk code or a
graphical customization interface.

* Highly extensible in term of features and syntaxes supported.

* Easily embeddable as a widget in other applications (e.g. mail
reader, applications using DSLs, etc.).

* Well integrated with the tools present on a traditional Squeak
development image.

* Support for collaborative editing.

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