Sunday, May 25, 2008

Introduction to the IRC Bot Framework project

Hi all,

I'm François Stephany, one of the five Squeak gsoc students.

The goal of this project is to build a framework for developing IRC bots. At the moment, the squeak related irc channels rely on non smalltalk bots (who said Lisp?) to provide the needed services. As smalltalkers, we like to eat our own dog food and have special needs. A bot written in smalltalk could have some smalltalkish functionalities (explore image, monticello tracking,...) that would be a bit tricky to provide in other languages.
Squeak already has a client: IRCe, it will be used (and refactored if needed) as a starting point.

The basic functionalities:
- channel logging
- channel administration
- pastebot
- storage bot/infobot

If you have any suggestion/wish for the bot, don't hesitate to tell !

See you all on IRC (#squeak)
[nick: fstephany on freenode -- Thanks Randal :]


Randal L. Schwartz said...

Two comments.

First, you said "see you on #squeak", but you didn't say your IRC handle, so it's hard to see you. :)

Second, when you have a web-side interface for the pastebot, will you consider Seaside as the interface, or did you have another framework in mind?

Francois Stephany said...

Hi Randal,

Oups you're right! Im fstephany on freenode.

I'm still not sure for the web interface. What is sure is that it will be Seaside or Aida.