Sunday, May 25, 2008

FreeCAD: 3D CAD with Motion Simulation Port to Croquet

My name is Phua Khai Fong from Malaysia. I'm in my final year pursuing my electronics engineering degree in Multimedia University. I will be working on Croquet for GSOC and the goal of my project is to create a tool for in-world content creation. Currently, I am able to draw and extrude 3D solids which consists of cubes, cylinders, ellipses and polygons. I will be working with my mentor Dr. A.S. Koh and the Croquet community to add more controls to the content creation tool that I am working on which is also based on FreeCAD (for more info on FreeCAD, visit If you are interested to see the initial stuff, I do have a few videos online here .


Phua Khai Fong
kayef8 [at] yahoo [dot] com

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