Thursday, May 3, 2007

NewCompiler ToDo

This last 3 days I have met Marcus at Bern and we discuss about things to do and the way of doing them.

Then here the work to be done:
- The more important things: make the decompiler work so we can propose it to the 3.10/3.11 release team.
- Have 2 parser so we can work on one without breaking it all
- Remove the reference to the RBParser and RBToken
- Clean the interface of the RBNode
- Integrate the continuations from Seaside
- Make debug it work in the debugger
- Profile the compiler to optimize it.
- Create some visitor to have the AST annotations and remove the token
- Work on the VM and new bytecodes/primitives
- ...

Up to now I have look at VMMaker and implement some bytecodes the improve the performance of the method with closures by 6. Those bytecode are experimental and we should propose some more efficient.

We have also change the organization of the NewCompiler. So now we have 3 packages:

- AST: Package for the RBNode and RBToken (which should be removed)
- NewParser: Package containing the parser so you can use it for your purpose without loading the complete compiler. We make this package mostly to make the RefactoringEngine using the SqueakParser so we can remove the RBParser.
- NewCompiler: The closure compiler

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