Monday, August 6, 2007


Ok. Finally I've got Preformatted tags working. That also helped me to find some bugs which I've fixed too. I'm going to implement next tags in this week. Also I'm planning to get a new image from Keithy so I could start next task in parallel. The only problem with Preformatted is that string: //yoyo{{{preformatted}}}yoyoyo// will be in italics at any position (preformatted too). I thought that this is a bug, but Creole sandbox shows the same result. Please visit my site at Services -> CreoleTest and feel free to edit that page. (**bold**, //italics//,{{{preformatted}}},---- and \\).

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kamikaze said...

OMG! I was banned at Creole sandbox while testing syntax there :D

"You have been temporarily banned from modifying this wiki. (1783 seconds of ban left)"