Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Projects warming up

It looks like our students have started working on their projects for real, after having been busy with finals, defenses etc.

Jerome, even if busy with his finals, has worked on the CSS viewer, named DomView. He worked on the Box Model, and DomView can now display box containers, as shown in the image. During this week, Jerome will work on text styles.

Jerome is documenting his work at http://jeromechauveau.free.fr/soc2007/docs/.

Benjamin is working on a Croquet Controller that logs the messages it receives. He modified one of the built-in controllers to log the messages on the Transcript window, and is now working on a new, custom controller able to store the received messages. During this week he'll try to have his controller replay simple sequences of messages.

Damien has started working on Monticello2, and he wrote a report on his work here.

Oleg will be busy with his finals until today, Tuesday June 19th, and has promised that starting tomorrow he will work hard on his project.

Mathieu has been busy fixing bugs in the BlockClosure decompiler, and will keep working on it during this week. He's also working on integrating the new compiler subsystem with the Refactoring Engine.

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